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FNP after 4 years of Cardiac RN experience?

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I've been working full time on Cardiac Stepdown unit at a major teaching hospital in Los Angeles, CA for almost 2 years. I have been doing FNP program part-time and am trying to finish by the end of Summer 2014. By then, I will have 4 years of RN experience. I'm also studying to be PCCN certified. Do you think I have a good chance of getting hired as a new grad NP with that much RN experience? I start to get worried that my effort will not be rewarded because of the massive number of graduating NP's in my area. There are at least 3 other RN's on my unit are getting their FNP. I'm hoping to get hired in Orange County or LA county. I can work clinic, outpatient, or inpatient to gain the experience. What can I do to enhance my chance of future NP employment opportunity? Thanks!

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