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FNP? WHNP? Or stay RN??


I'm seriously thinking of starting an NP Program but I'm still on the fence about it.  I've been a bedside OB nurse for 10 years (3 yrs postpartum 7 L&D) and I love it! BUT...I'm going to be 48 years old soon and I don't know if 12 hour hospital shifts are what I want to do forever.  So,  I'm wondering... if I'm going to eventually move to an office job if being an NP is the way to go??   And if so, which program: FNP or WHNP? 

My true love is Women's health but I've read FNP is more marketable and I'm worried about finding a job afterward.  There also seems to be more budget -friendly FNP program options.  I guess I'm just worried about going thru school, doing all the work and paying all the money, then not wanting to leave a  job I currently love for one I may not be as excited about. But then again after 3 more years I may be ready to leave the bedside!!  I'm so conflicted!  

Anybody have any great words of wisdom or insight to share?  

Thank you!