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Good evening everyone,

I am currently a trauma neuro ICU nurse finishing my bsn and I want to pursue my master. I need help from current students and NP to which route to take. I would like to start working in the hospital and then eventually transition to a doctors office. I have heard so many mix information and I need clarification. Some say FNP can't work in hospitals but I have met NPs that have been hired in hospital setting. Or AGPNP who have been hired at the hospital level and then went into a doctors office but had to go back to school. Please all the information possible thank you.

INN_777, BSN, RN

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Hi there. I recently went through the same dilemma. Most, if not all, APRNs that work as hospitalists on our floor (oncology) are FNP grads. That said I had interviews with grad schools recently and learned that students are prepared differently in the two tracks. In the FNP track clinicals take place almost exclusively on outpatient settings and focus on primary care. In Acute track most clinicals are in hospital settings and focus on getting patients from acute to baseline. So if you want to start in a hospital, you will be better prepared with an Acute Care track. You might still be hired with an FNP but you will be better prepared with Acute. The key here is not the setting but the focys on primary & preventive (FNP) vs. acute (adult acute track). That is my understanding.


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