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what is the best path to go from FNP to Psych NP? and how long would it take? I've been told from several colleges it would just be a specialization certification but, after researching it looks like it may be more than that.. im confused. can someone perhaps shed some light on the best way to achieve this would be?  



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20 minutes ago, juan de la cruz said:

I would look into ASU:


I would avoid programs that lead to DNP as that would lengthen your coursework if that's what you're trying to stay away from.

Thank you. So I should not go from an FNP to a psych NP? The college that is the sister school to my nursing program only offers an FNP. Their graduate school is regionally accredited but my current program is only accredited nationally and by the CCNE. unfortunately ASU won't accept that so I was trying to find a loophole but, it looks as though I may have to just settle with the FNP. I don't want to add unnecessary time like you stated. 

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