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FNP Living Overseas, Practice Hours

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Hi all.

I moved in August 2019 to South Korea due to my husbands job.  I am a FNP with 8 years of experience.  Unfortunately, I will be unable to work as a RN or NP here.  I looked into working or volunteering at a military base, but the closest one is 2 hours away, and I can't make it work with my kids school schedules.  We will move back to the US in August 2021, and while I have enough hours to renew my national license, I will be cutting it really close on being able to get enough hours to fulfill my state practice hour requirement for renewal.  Does anyone have any thoughts on ways I can get some practice hours while abroad?  I have looked into telemedicine and haven't found anything.  I had planned doing some medial missions, but now with COVID I am afraid that will be out.  I have also considered starting my DNP and doing the online portion, but I am not totally convinced I want to do the DNP, and that won't give me practice hours, but it may help my resume for when I return.  Any advice or similar experience and how you handled it?  Thanks so much!

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