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FNP joining military, what type of experience should I gain?

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I am a FNP student in a MSN program. I am about halfway through and will graduate in 2021. I am interested in joining the military after graduating and getting at least 1 year of experience in family practice. I know the military prefers DNP and realize that I am at a disadvantage by being in an MSN program.

I have read other forums where FNPs worked in cardiology, ID, and those specific specialties don't count towards experience. 

My question is how picky is the military on what type of setting you work in? For example, I plan on working in family practice, seeing children through adults, but how do they view urgent care experience? 


Thank you!

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Shaycb7 specializes in ER and FNP.

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Get with a recruiter. It changes every year. As of now the Air Force and army are taking FNPs they Navy is not. But this could all change by the time you graduate. I know with me they wanted a year experience in a primary care setting before getting a package together for board. I’m not sure about urgent care, but a recruiter would have those answers. Good luck! 

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