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FNP - Developmental Disabilities

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Are there any advanced practice nurses that currently work with developmental disabilities or differently abled individuals in their practice?  I am interviewing soon for an extremely good graduate program soon and one of my interests is working with this population.  My daughter is on the spectrum.  During my time at the bedside I am learned and become aware of the great many adults that are not necessarily identified as developmentally different, but rather comments like "bad self care, non-compliant, flat affect, high anxiety" are used.  After becoming more aware and educating myself about my daughter I have found that this education as translated nicely to the bedside and even outside the pediatric population.  I am passionate about inclusive education techniques and want to do everything I can to improve not just access to  healthcare for the developmentally different, but improving what kind of basic care they get. 

I am looking for anyone with experience.  I would like to hear what you love about your job.  What you hate about your job.  What you wish would change and what we need to do more of.



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