Fluid and electrolytes


I am trying to look for Nursing scenarios base on CH 40 Fluid and electrolytes from the Taylor 7th edition book. Can anybody help me find a link?

SO nervous about my next exam. If I get anything lower than a 78 I will fail :(

Please help me succeed!

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what issues are you having with fluid/e- balance? you'd get more help if you weren't asking for specific nursing scenarios from a chapter in a book.



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you're going to be tested on much more than just scenarios from a certain chapter from a certain book. flashcards helped me a lot, there is a thread on here somewhere about mneumonics with nursing and that helped a ton as well. it's something you're going to have to know inside and out for this test so I would think more broad than ch 40 of taylor (have you read fluid and lytes made easy? )