which nursing school??

  1. Hello! I am about to be in my junior year of college, I went to FAU, but they changed their nursing program so only incoming freshman can apply! i've actually heard this was good for me because many didn't like it there. I'm thinking right now my top choices are UCF, UF, and USF for nursing. So from anyone who went to these nursing schools, do u recommend it?? I have a 3.3 overall gpa, i believe a 3.7-3.8 science gpa , and on my first teas i got a 75.. which i'm going to retake till i get high 80s or 90s... i didn't realize it focused more on anatomy haha. I know that with a good TEAS score you can seperare yourself from others because many people have good GPAs. I was leaning toward the concurrent UCF programs with Valencia and Seminole state is anyone has done those too i'd love to hear about it! Even if i don't get in right away i'm willing to wait for the perfect school. Thanks so much for your input!
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