What are the nicest Areas in Tampa to live in??

  1. What are the nicest areas in Tampa to live in?, I live in St Pete with my hubby and daughter, its very nice but the complex where i live is kind of expensive.
    I am looking for something/3 bedroom up to $1350 a month.I like Tampa but have seen alot of not so nice areas...so can someone tell me about all the nice areas in Tampa, iam looking for either an apartment/rental home or townhome rental.

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  3. by   kellymoody
    What hospital/school will you be working in? It makes a difference because traffic is so bad.
  4. by   ABerryGirl
    The Westchase/Citrus Park area is nice. A bit expensive though compared to other areas. North Tampa (New Tampa) is also nice; one community I know of is Live Oak Preserve. There are two communities that recently opened up that are off of Dale Mabry in Land o' Lakes; Connerton & Wilderness Lake Preserve. Both are very nice, but too far north for me to live and commute to work. I hope this helps you out....
  5. by   darcie1
    I live in town n' country/citrus park area--pretty nice--lots of apartments to choose from in the area. tampa general or st. joseph's hosp. within 30 minutes. good luck!:spin: