Waiting for ATT

  1. Hi All!

    FL BON approved me to test at 11:30:AM.
    I didn't get ATT from Pearson Vue yet (yes, I paid)
    Called Pearson Vue & they said BON hadn't sent over my approval. How long do I wait before calling BON??

    How long of a span was it for you all from approval letter to ATT?

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  3. by   Duttygal86
    F/U incase anyone ever looks this information up. It took about 24 hours from the BON letter until PV sent the ATT
  4. by   Skyride
    Hey I am coming from out of state, I was wondering how long the wait period was for the Florida BON to approve your application?
  5. by   KharynRS
    Hi! how did you apply for a license at the FL BON? where did you pay? how much? May I request for a link on where to pay for the application?