Wages in Naples

  1. Can anyone tell me what wages are like in Naples? I have 15 years experience, medicine, hematology/bmt, ambulatory care. Moving there in June, I know Naples Community web site says 17/hr to start but I also heard they will pay up to 35/hr for 10 plus years experience. Also if anyone is working there or has in the past I would appreciate any info you have.
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  3. by   bethinct
    anyone know
  4. by   cherrykay
    Hello.......I live in Naples. Am a LPN. do not know what NCH pays RN's, but unless you are prepared to pay out the nose for rent, don't come here. Rent is outrageous. I have a 1/1 and pay close to 1000.00 plus utilities.
    Jusr FYI.......GOOD LUCk