Valencia College advanced track RN fall 2016

  1. Hi. I just applied to the Advanced track RN program for fall. Wondering if anyone had any info about the program they could share. Specifically amount of time needed to be on campus/clinical days. Need to start planning my work schedule around school but not sure of amount of days needed to be off. Any and all info appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   ionRN2016
    I started the program in May 2016 and am in it now. It has been really hard to do and hold a job. Although I think this has a lot to with it being a summer term and it's shortened anyway...The first class I had to go to once a week lab on Wednesday's every week in Osceola campus which was really tough. Along with the extra days we had to go to orientation and exam days and stuff like that. There were some weeks where I had to drive there 2-3 times in the same week. Just try and bank some PTO time at work cuz you will need it. It's a ton of reading and the clinical check off's in the lab can be tough but otherwise do-able. Be ready to study a lot and to not really have a social life at all....But worth it!! Good luck!
  4. by   mistyl84
    Hello. Did you finish the program?