University of Tampa nursing program (GPA/TEAS???)

  1. Hey everyone,
    I am currently a pre-nursing student at Florida State, and unfortunately I do not think I will get into the program since it is so incredibly competitive. I am currently applying to MANY different places because I am not willing to change my major. I am applying to University of Tampa, UCF Orlando AND Daytona, UF (just for the heck of it), & University of North Florida. If you have been accepted into any of these programs in the past, can you tell me what your GPA/TEAS score was? I would appreciate it!!!
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  3. by   chavon13
    Hey I am in the same EXACT boat as you! Did you ever find anything out about the University of Tampa?
  4. by   emilypaige3692
    Sorry I'm responding to this so late! Well I applied to UT a while back and submitted all of the documents that they need (TEAS, letter of recommendation, personal statement, etc.). They said that nursing decisions will go out around the 2nd week of November, so there's still a while to wait