1. hello everyone! Is anyone a recent or past student at UNF? I am just trying to get an idea of the difficulty of the school. I will be transferring there next year to complete my bachelors in nursing. Is anyone in the CRNA program? I am interested in seeing how hard it is to get into the program; interviews; etc.
    Thank you for your help!
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  3. by   np_wannabe

    I am not a student there, but am a Jacksonville resident and looked into their Accelerated BSN program. I can tell you this: you need a 3.3 gpa to get an interview, and they require their students to volunteer for the duration of the program. They assign you somewhere. I spoke with a student there at the time I was considering the program, and he said that although he was in class 4 days per week, he spent all of the "free" day doing volunteer-related duties. (and this is for the accelerated and non-accelerated tracks) He said that although you may only spend a few hours at the site each week, the site has asked him (and his wife--also in the program, but assigned a different site) to go home and research something, stuff envelopes, whatever needed to be done.

    All I know about the CRNA program is that the August 2006 class is their very first one.

    Good luck!