Trying to make an informed decision--New Grad in Jacksonville

  1. Hi All,

    I may be relocating to the Jacksonville Area when I graduate with my BSN next spring.

    Will the New Grad programs even consider a new grad who isn't local? Should I expect to be unable to land an acute care job if I were to relocate?

    Please offer some guidance, I am trying to be realistic about this. I am doing everything "right" in school, but I know that doesn't mean too much if I don't network.
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  3. by   idkmybffjill
    You can try Baptist and St. Vincient for residency programs.

    But we have like 15 nursing schools at or around Jax, so the market is super saturated. You'd have a higher chance than someone with an ADN here, I imagine, since the hospitals pretty much want BSNs but the new grads who did clinicals at the hospitals would have an advantage. I've heard it's hard for students here to get into acute units as well so I'm not sure the likelihood for you.
  4. by   EllaBella1
    I can't speak to Jacksonville specifically, but I was hired into a residency program from 1500 miles away when I was a new grad. And plenty of people in it with me had come from far away too.