Transfering license to FL???

  1. Hello,
    I work as an ER- LPN in Chicago, IL, I graduated LPN school in 8/06, Passed the nclex-pn 10/06, (started working then), and finally received my license by mail 1/07. I'm looking to move to the Fort Lauderdale area and am trying to find info on transfering my nursing license and looking for job. I have 5-6 years experience between ER and Cardiac Cath lab, on top of several more as an EMT. Any info would be greatly appeciated.
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  3. by   NurseguyFL
    You have to apply to the Florida BON for a new license to work in the state. The process is not a transfer but an endorsement. This means you will have to fill out their application, do an FBI background check, get fingerprinted, verify your existing license, etc. The best place to get started is here
  4. by   suzanne4
    And you actually will continue to hold the license in Illinois until it expires. Then it will be your choice if you wish to keep it up or not. Each time that you endorse, you just get another license added in, it does not cancel out any of the others. Unless you choose not to renew them.