Tampa locations that allow shadowing

  1. Anyone know of any health care facilities in the Tampa,FL area that allow someone to shadow an RN? I'm an LPN student and want to see more of what the RN's do. I tried a couple of places and they said no, even after I told them I was a student.
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  3. by   rwright15
    There are too many implications to just let nursing students come in and shadow without an affiliation. First of all, you would have to have a background check and be cleared by the hospital to be able to enter the facility, therefore you would need to be affiliated with an institution. Same thing with HIPAA. A facility can't take a chance on a student coming in unaffiliated, with no consequences (kicked out of school, termination, etc...) to violating HIPAA laws. Those are just a couple of reasons you will probably not find any facility that would allow you to come in and shadow without being in a clinical with an approved school.
  4. by   itsmejuli
    When you do your clinicals you'll be able to see what the RNs do