Tampa Bay Hospitals (VA/TGH)

  1. I recently applied to the VA Bay Pines and received a voice mail from HR. I really don't know much about VA nursing or this hospital. I have heard contradicting opinions about VA nursing. On the positive side I have heard....great physicians, nurse training, experience, pay and benefits. But then I have heard the hospitals are lousy, working there is too regimented and too much red tape. I've also been told that the Tampa VA is much nicer and better place to work. I am also looking at Tampa General and again have heard some people love it while others say it's known more for the name and is not all it's cracked up to be. I know that every place will have good and bad, but I would just appreciate an overall view of each hospital. Thanks!
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    I'd like to know what Charting software they use. To me that's so important, lol, it can make your day if it's good and fast