tampa areas hospitals

  1. i am currently an SRNA - and upon completion am anticipating a move to florida....the tampa area (and surrounding areas) are of most interest to me...
    if any of you have any info (such as do/don't go here) on the hospitals in that area - could you please let me know.
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  3. by   Debbie, RN
    I worked in L&D in several Tampa area hospitals. The anesthesia team at University Community Hosp has several great docs and CRNA's. The CRNA's I worked with were very happy. The Chief of Anesthesia is a very knowledgeable, nice, great doc!
    The Anesthesia team at Mease Hospital in Dunedin/Clearwater was very good too.
    Those are 2 Hosp. that I highly recommend. Good lucK!