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  1. Does anyone know if Seminole state requires you to be done with the prereqs before applying? I am taking humanities, human anatomy II, developmental psych, and stats this fall. I am wondering if I took the TEAS on my month off in August if I would be able to apply for the January 2013 session (deadline is sept 13th) I emailed them but I never received a response.
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  3. by   maudo
    Hi, I had to call around and use my wit until I got a # to a live nursing person, she was very candid (I asked her to be). I told her that I was currently taking my last prereq (Nutrition) and what would be my chances for the upcoming spring 2013 concurrent class. She stated that she would advise me to complete the nutrition course and then apply because it is so competitive and they look at those who have completed all of their prereqs first. Soooo I decided to take her advise and hold off taking the Teas until January 2013 and apply to all the programs I am interested in at that time. I hope I get in for August. I hope this helps