RN to BSN without 60 transferable credits??? Is there such a thing?

  1. I graduated LPN to RN bridge last year and have completed all the necessary pre-reqs for RN to BSN. However, all the schools are telling me that I need 60 transferable credit hours, I only have 43, I don't have an AA. Nursing school credits don't count. So now I have to go back and get 17 hours of nonsense credits?! Is anyone else running in to this problem?
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  3. by   azcarraga1
    perhaps it seems the actual credits a Bachelors would require -
    for example: the language credits (you are supposed to take a certain language class)
    blah blah

    these are credits that a bachelor requires
    but since its a nursing bachelor
    obviously u need an RN to go with that... so thats what they mean
    u are required to take classes towards ur bachelors
  4. by   RoxanneShortRN
    I have done all the required pre-reqs which is 43 hours. But the University wanted a min of 60 college credits, whatever they may be. I finally found a state school who does not have that requirement! Applied today! I do have my RN, didn't think finding BSN program would be so difficult!