RN Refresher Course Ocala,FL?

  1. does anyone knows what is the cost or have any idea how much it is? and how long is this course?

    anyone from ocala that took the course? i will appreciate your response.

    thanks in advance!
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  3. by   spitfire02
    Hello spitfire here. I took the refresher in Ocala in July this year b/c of not passing and it was a state approved course, before I could go on. The people were wonderful BUT honestly did not really learn alot, BUT being in the enviorment did help, I am doing the Suzanne plan and plan on retaking the middle of December. Ocala was about$600. and another $150. for clinicals.I had to travel two hours but stayed there, another $600. BUT had no choice. Look into other more expensive coures in you cannot do clinicals there. Alot of them for me local did not accept the school.As far as clinical goes. E-mail me if you need other information.
    Good luck