RN LPN bridge: Has anyone heard of these schools?

  1. I am ready to find an LPN to RN bridge. I was contacted by Galen here in ST pete, FL. They have an online RN but I heard a lot ot negative reviews. As anyone gone thru Galen RN program recently. As anyone heard from Ramussen college and Schiller university AS in nursing program??? PLease let me know. I am getting very frustrated. lol. I just want to get it done.
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  3. by   ZooMommyRN
    Best thing is to look up schools on the BON website, tells you the accreditation and NCLEX pass rate, might be best to do it the more traditional route, most schools with an RN program have bridge programs too
  4. by   nmgthenurse
    Thanks I already did that . It did help.