1. Hi everyone!

    I am just wanting any advice someone can give about relocating. I realize this is probably a repeated question, however, I never know if I will get fresh new ideas! I am moving from Colorado to Florida next year. Trying to prepare the best way I can both mentally, financially and phys. I am just tired of living in the snow. Its dirty all the time in the winter, cold and many days I cant even get out of my driveway to make it to work. No time for vacation, because I have to use my PTO on days I am stuck in 4ft snow drifts. This winter was the kicker for sure!

    So.. tell me about the weather, how many hurricanes do you have (average year). I am looking at Wellington/WPB area. Cost of living? (already checked out apartments and new houses and land for the most part). Salary at Palms West? Wellinton Regional and any other close by hospitals.

    Also.. anyone know of hospitals with Antepartum care? Many hospitals I see dont advertise as a service. But they cant be sending all their antepartums to far away can they?

    Just curious and always willing to listen to anyone who has an opinion! I have been a nurse for 2yrs. Antepartum/postpartum and will be training to L&D this year.

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