Plan to relocate to Tampa Bay Area

  1. Hubby and I are both going to school for nursing. We plan to relocate to Tampa, FL / Clearwater area in two years and are concerned about how we are going to go about it... I personally love to plan ahead and would like some pointers! We want to get a house when we move there, but of course we want at least one of us to have a job before we do so. Which leaves us with uncertainty about when we should go house hunting. I wish to work in a peds unit, but I'm not quite sure how I (or hubby) am going to get a job prior to relocation.... help please!!
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  3. by   Swellz
    Will you be an experienced nurse when you move, or a new grad? I can tell you Baycare has a need for nurses, but I know one of their hospitals' job fairs stated it only wanted experienced nurses. Florida has a big travel nurse community so if you could come down on a travel contract (assuming you are an experienced nurse by then), you could easily use that to get a permanent position. Just be aware, Florida pays in sunshine, so make sure you take the low pay into account when you make your plans.