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  1. Hi all,
    We're a military family moving to Pensacola early next year. I'm an RN with 5 years experience (med-surg, L&D, postpartum). I would love any up-to-date info on the working conditions in the local hospitals. Info on shift diffs and prn pay. I would also love any recommendations for elementary schools (I have a child in first grade with autism). I am familiar with the area because we were stationed here back in '98. Thanks in advance. Any info would be greatly appreciated
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    I am currently an RN practicing in NC, but one of my best friends operates a wonderful travel nursing agency in the Pensacola area. If I lived in the Florida Panhandle area I would not hesitate to work for her- and what a great way to figure out which hospitals in the area are the best! You can go to for more info.

    Hope this helps!!

    God Bless!!
  4. by   Tgirl27
    Thanks for the info! I will be sure to check the website out!
  5. by   RN4KIDS2009
    Oh, I forgot to mention, that my friend's husband is retired military, so she understands the whole PCS thing! Good Luck!!