Orlando Nursing Rates

  1. does anyone know what nurses are making on avg in orlando?

    i am somewhat familiar with the hospitals there, which would you reccomend the most, the least and why?

    do the orlando hospitals have weekend only options and if so are they at a considerably higher rate?

    last question, wondering how winnie palmer is paying... what are typical shift diffs, weekend diffs, and weekend only pay?
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  3. by   b-girl
    Starting pay is approx. $19 (no experience)

    Winnie Palmer - Shift Diffs 12% after 3pm, add 25% after 11pm; weekends add 10% (these are not definite but approx.)

    As far as I am aware there are no weekend only options, like a Baylor. But you can choose to work only weekends, however you will not get any additional differential over others.
  4. by   NewGrad07
    Unfortunately nurses in Orlando get paid less than nurses in most other parts of the state. However, the cost of living is somewhat higher than a lot of other parts of the state (go figure). While it does have some really nice hospitals, don't expect great pay or even great benefits.
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  6. by   LadyNASDAQ
    I'd like to recommend an alternative... local agency contracts. You will get the highest pay with bennies.