Operating Room Internships...anyone?

  1. Does anyone know of a OR internship program in Florida...preferably south Florida? I am a new CCU nurse and my first year will be done in February and I am very interested in working in the OR. Any help would be appreciated.
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  3. by   All_Smiles_RN
    Florida Hospital in Orlando
  4. by   Lacie
    Believe Halifax in Daytona also offers one.
  5. by   kenesha212002
    Thanks. Does any one know of any in Broward or Dade County and maybe even Jacksonville?
  6. by   szelda
    Jackson Memorial has an OR internship, but you have to contact them to know when it's available.
  7. by   CapeCoralNurse2be
    Lee Memorial has OR internships, in Fort Myers, FL

  8. by   Rudegal2020
    Florida Hospital has OR internship program. I believe they take applications 2x per year. Jan and Aug. The dealine for January's class is Nov.10th. The nursing recruitment office number is (407) 303-2924. The main hospital number (407) 303-5600. website: www.flhosp.org
  9. by   kenesha212002
    Thanks so much!
  10. by   raremoon22
    Broward General Hospital in Fort Lauderdale has an OR Program starting in Jan, 2007