online Nurse Refresher courses (for RNs) approved in Florida?

  1. Currently researching online nurse refresher courses for RNs. Obviously, I'm only interested in online nursing refresher programs that are approved by the Florida Board of Nursing.

    Any Florida nurses currently enrolled in an online nursing refresher course? Or atleast aware of any such programs?
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  3. by   AvenueQT
    This is unrelated to your refresher course, sorry. I don't know how to do PMs. I was clicking around on allnurses, and saw you mentioned something to the effect that you hadn't found your niche yet. So, I thought I'd refer you to a book "101 Careers in Nursing" co-authored by Jeanne M. Novotny, Doris, T. Lippman, Nicole K. Sanders, and Joyce J. Fitzpatrick. It's pretty comprehensive. With 101 options, I think there's got to be something for everyone.
  4. by   KateRN1
    I've been out of clinical nursing practice for almost four years, so I just did a bunch of CEUs at that cover the basics ofassessment, med administration,etc. For refresher of actual manual skills, I've seen this one advertised, but no experience personally.