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  1. Hi! I am interested in moving to Ocala for the horse community and was wondering what the job scene was like there.... The hospital system that I work for now has 5 different locations in my area, so I work at those different ERs as an "in house" agency/contingent RN. I receive a higher pay rate vs. staff RN positions, but no benefits. The nice thing is that I can 60+hrs a week because there are alot of shifts to fill!

    I was wondering if anywhere in the Ocala area has something like this. Also, would there be enough hours????? I am a single mom of TWO horses that like to eat alot! LOL

    I appreciate any and all information! TIA! (thanks in advance, not transient ischemic attack!)
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  3. by   nurseyasmin88
    I currently work at Munroe Regional Medical Center in Ocala, FL. I have never heard of the type of position you currently have but I do know that Munroe has job opportunities for Resource Nurses throughout the hospital. They say the pay is better but not many opportunities for overtime anymore. I noticed your post is old but hoping this information helps