New LPN relocating to Florida, questions....

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    I am in my second semester of LPN school and will graduate in July 2006 with my LPN license and IV certification. I am planning on moving with my 2 teenage daughters to Florida soon after. I was looking at the Lakeland Florida area and wondered about the cost of living and salaries there.

    I recently got out of a bad marriage and want a new start so I am very excited about the whole move, but it is very scary as well. I know the cost of living is higher than where I am now (Missouri). I am also worried I won't be able to find a job to meet our needs. I heard that it is hard to find a job as an LPN unless it's in home health or LTC.

    I also wanted to know if I would have to take a state board test for Florida?
    I have written to the state board of nursing in FL and haven't recieved a reply yet.

    So any information would be a huge help!
    Thanks so much
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