New Grads who passed NCLEX!!!

  1. So my employer will not let me move on to my GN Orientation until I physically have my license in my hands... That being said... How long will it take to mail over??? On the FL BON website it says 10-15 days... I was wondering for those who have passed, how long for you to get your license in the mail?
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  3. by   GabbsRN
    It took me 13 days- tested July 1 and received my license yesterday- but it was a little shorter for a classmate of mine. I think they wait and send a bunch out at a time, so it really depends on when you tested and when they're planning on sending them out. Maybe by now you have yours too??
  4. by   BrittersRN
    It took me exactly one week from the day I sat and took the exam.