NCLEX pass rate

  1. Hey,
    Does anyone know where to find pass rates for various schools in FL? I read somewhere to look on the FL BON website but, I couldn't find it on there.
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  3. by   GabbsRN
    When you are on the FBON site, you have to click on "RN/LPN School Information" and then you will get this link:

    Scroll down and you will see "NCLEX Passing Results." Then just click on the date range you want to see.
  4. by   nurse_rock
    Thanks! I just stumbled upon that post and that is very helpful. I couldn't figure out a way to find the NCLEX pass rates for all Florida schools.
  5. by   bout2beeAnurse
    Does anybody know what is the procedure if a school continuosly has failing passing rates? I know that they will eventually be put on probation but does anybody know what that time frame is? And how will it affect the students who are currently enrolled and havent reached the end of the program yet?