NAT questions

  1. anyone have any info on NAT statistics? i.e. what is the average score a person makes on the NAT?

    also curious as to what the natural science questions are like, i.e. are there more questions on microbiology than a&p; are there a lot of chemistry related questions... stuff like that.

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  3. by   hawkfdc
    Alot of Chemistry and Biology questions on my NAT test.

    Don't know the average scores on the NAT, sorry
  4. by   miss rochelle
    i took it this past friday and today (servers messed up so i had to retake a portion) but yeah, omg i don't know why i was freaking out so badly! it wasn't hard at all! in all sections (except for vocational... haha) i wasin the high, very high, and superior percentiles. yay.!