LPN program at DBCC

  1. I was just inquiring if anyone is going to be starting the LPN program this spring at DBCC. I will be starting then and am looking to meet some of my classmates.
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  3. by   luv4nursing
    I didnt go there, but I used to live in Daytona and took most of my RN pre reqs there. I like DBCC. I got my LPN at Orlando Tech and Im going to Valencia now for the LPN to RN bridge. I got accepted into DBCC for the bridge program, but Valencia was my first choice since I live in Orlando, of course. When u graduate, look into Valencia's LPN to RN program. Its online! You would only have to drive to Orlando one day a week for clinicals, and for midterms/finals. How cool is that??? Good luck to you and one piece of advice is buy Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX PN. Its a world of information! It was better than all my textbooks combined! I could have studied it alone and aced the program! Its hard to find it in stores, u will probably need to order it but its awesome. Once again, good luck! The year will fly by!