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  1. Has anyone here gone to either concorde career institute or to southeastern (formerly keiser career) in Jacksonville? Which school did you go to? What did you think about the program you had taken? Trying to make my decision on which school to go to. Passed the teas test and paid the [COLOR=#003366]application fee for southeastern for practical nursing, also passed the hobet test & thinking about going to concorde for respiratory therapy but just unsure of which one to go to. I know either route I go I will be happy. Mainly concerned with the school. Please tell me what you think of these schools! Or if you know anyone that takes rt at concorde?
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  3. by   acidskye
    anyone? please! I need to hear positive or negative things about southeastern formerly keiser career or concorde
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    Hello, I'm currently attending Southeastern (formerly Keiser). I am in the practical nursing program. What would you like to know about them?