how to check if your college is accredited:

  1. very neat thing i found today. when you go to and you look for license verification, as if when you are checking out someone's license. (when i am feeling down, or depressed, i often go to check my license to make myself feel better). any ways, i had not noticed that bellow your name, there is a "business name" and there you can enter the name of the school you want to check. well, i was very weary of keiser university, and thought not all campuses are accredited, but i was wrong, and all their campuses are accredited, it's there on the site. city college- in ft. lauderdale is an approved site, but not fully accredited. remington college in orlando is accredited. very neat thing to find today. so i wanted to share it with everyone!! :-)
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  3. by   BMLEX010
    Yeah, thats a new feature they have and their database is updated nightly. As far as Keiser being accredited, with all of the raft going on about the school they are accredited. The nursing school attended has to be approved by the FLBON and accredited by the NLNAC or CCNE in order to land a job by the government.