How hard is it to get into PTEC LPN???

  1. I was just wondering how difficult it is to get into PTEC's LPN program? Is it easier to get into their online program? I NEED to work when I am in what would be recommended for me? TIA!
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  3. by   onefrndlyghst
    I would suggest online then. I don't think that another class is starting until next Jan or March. The only difference in applying for the programs is that there is an online test of sorts for the online program that they use as a basis for seeing if you are a fit for online. Either way you decide to go, start working on making sure you have all of your immunizations up to date and if you don't have an immunization history go get your blood drawn. You have to have those for both programs.
  4. by   reinvent
    i know next june they have a night class starting. i wish they had it this year. it's mon-thurs 330-930.