Housing in Naples, Fort Myers, NCH, Lee

  1. If this is not allowed by the moderators, I understand. I have a 2 BR/ 2.5 bath condo 30 min from NCH north and 10 min from GCMC and HP, 20 min from LMH. I would like to rent it out to a seasonal RN. I am an RN too, but I have my own house. I need to get this rented! Great location with pool, tennis court, covered parking, very safe area. Close to everything you need. Asking $1500/month. I would like a 6 month lease, however, will consider shorter time frame.
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  3. by   Florida Sun RN
    How can I find out more? Can you PM me?
  4. by   Peaches8144
    I can't figure out how to pm on here! Are you wondering about the housing or the jobs?
  5. by   Florida Sun RN
    The house for rent
  6. by   Peaches8144
    I can't pm. Not enough posts yet. Do you have a seasonal job lined up already? The condo is in South Fort Myers, close to Alico Rd and hwy 41.