HomeCare in Jax?

  1. I'm new to FL, although not new to nursing, and have been searching for a part-time home health job. I "interviewed" with a place today, but it seems to me that they are not interested in quality nurses, just warm bodies with a license (or in my case a license pending). My gut feeling is to hold out for something a bit more, ahem, professional, but I'm curious if someone can tell me about the general home care climate in Jax, particularly pay rates. The rates that I was quoted today (and she said they were above average!) were per visit: $90 for intake, $50 for high-tech, $40 for low-tech. That seems pitifully low to me, especially when mileage isn't reimbursed and there doesn't seem to be much of a training program in place. Talk to me.
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    Hello???? Nobody here is in home health care?