Help, Onc RN needs advice on employment Jupiter, West Palm Beach area

  1. I am moving from Massachusetts to Jupiter area. I am an outpatient Hem/Onc Chemo infusion RN looking to work in a stand up facility. I see alot of negative posts about healthcare in this area and it is frightening me. I am looking into Jupiter Medical Center, Palm Beach Cancer Institute, which I understand is no longer affiliated with Good Samaritan and is independent and Martin Memorial Hospital Stuart. I would hate to be forced back to inpatient. If you have any info on the work environments in these facilities, or suggestion of other facilities I would really appreciate the input. I love my job now, we are a tight knit group that work together like family. We are valued as nurses, rewarded for our autonomy and polled for our satisfaction. I would very much like to end up working for a similar facility. I also am aware there is a considerable pay difference and info on range of pay for 5 yrs of experience and if there is a differential for OCN in this area too would be helpful. I would also be interested in referrals for Realtors in the area, would need rental to start.....but I have 2 Golden retrievers and it seems a lot of places don't accept my furry friends.

    Thanks so much!
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