1. Where do i go to get the 3 required CEU"S that florida requires you tohave? i think its doemstic violence, hiv and there is another one that you are required to have like 3 months after you receive your florida nursing license?
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    This are some that are state approved for Florida. I got the required ones here and out of the way in order to apply for my licensure by endorsement. It was cheap, quick and very easy to complete in a timely manner. Two (2) hours on Prevention of Medical Errors. HIV/AIDS is now a one-time, 1-hour CE requirement to be completed prior to the first renewal. Domestic Violence CE is now a 2-hour requirement every third renewal. I just went ahead and knocked them out on the above site then continued there to complete the balance of the ceu requirements for my next renewal. ( for more info on florida ceu requirements