Florida Hospital or ORMC?

  1. Hi. I live in Longwood area (close to Florida Altamonte and South Seminole) and am wondering what Hospital would be better. I don't know much about either and am thinking about getting back to work after being home with kids for a few years. Either Hospital system have a better re-oriention type program? Anyone work for either and been happy or unhappy, know about patient:nurse ratio on the floors?
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  3. by   letina
    Hi, I'm in a similar situation as you, wondering which is the better of the two, I posted on the Florida Nurses Forum with same question but didn't get any replies. Big difference with me tho, I'm UK trained, just waiting for my license from Fl BON etc etc........
    Have you looked at their websites? They are quite informative. Why not consider asking if you can go have a look around some of the campuses? That's what I plan to do. Sometimes you can get a feeling about a place by looking around and noting if the staff look happy