Erwin Tech Sept '13

  1. Hello! I am HOPEFULLY going to get into the September 2013 AM classes for LPN at Erwin Tech. Anyone else looking to start at this time?

    I still have to take my TEAS and plan on doing that March 23 (and again in May if I can't pass it with more than 60% the first time!)

    Good luck everyone & hope to meet everyone sooner or later!

    - Kristina
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  3. by   p8712
    Hi Kristina! I'm taking the TEAS on March 23 at Erwin too. I was hoping to get into the September class as well. I think there's still a window of opportunity to apply for the August night class as well? Id rather go during the day, but the night class would give me more days off to work. Anyway, I'll just be happy if to get in to anything. I've been getting 70-80% or more on the practice tests, so I'm pretty sure I'll pass. I just want to get as high a score as possible.

    Good luck studying!

  4. by   kmohamm
    Yay! I got an 82% overall. Hope to see you in class, Mike!
  5. by   p8712
    I got an 82.7! I would've done better, but I was really nervous and missed a bunch on the math section. Hope to see you there.