Erwin Tech

  1. I will be attending Erwin Tech in March 08. I am very excited as I have waited for this opportunity for a long time. Any one else attend Erwin? Any thoughts, good or bad, would be appreciated. Also, does anyone know what hospitals Erwin has their clinicals?
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  3. by   Melody48_MSNEd
    I went to Erwin 11 years ago.....The hospitals they used were: James A. Haley VA Hospital, Tampa General, Brandon, South Bay, Memorial Hospital, South Florida Baptist, and some area nursing homes. I know there are a few more but these are the one's that I can think of for now.
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  4. by   DaniLPN2RN
    Thank you Melody. I know I will get this information soon enough, but I'm so excited to finally see my long time dream coming true!!!

  5. by   byrdnest
    Good Luck i start School Jan 08 @ Erwin. i feel the same way you do i can't wait to get more info. so that i can start. Good luck to you!