eNLC - what do I do in mean time?

  1. I am a resident of Florida and have a clear and active nursing license. I am trying to get a remote position and one of the requirements is that I have a compact license. I see that Florida will be joining the compact states on January 19, 2018. That's wonderful but what can I do in the mean time? The job ad is not specific about what state it is in, but obviously is in a compact state from the requirement. Is there a way to get a compact license now? I know there's the original NLC but can't seem to find the information or way to apply for that license now as I cannot wait until January. Thank you!
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  3. by   chare
    You could apply for licensure in one of the current NLC . However, unless you are a resident of that state, your license sould be a single-state license, good only in that state; not one with multi-state privileges. Barring that, there is little that you can do, other than wait til the eNLC is fully implemented.