brevard community college class schedule

  1. I just received my acceptance to the August program at BCC. I've searched through all the literature, this site, the BCC site, etc and cannot find the class schedule. I understand it is 5 days a week, but does anyone have any additional information? Like, is it from 8-12, 8am-5p or what? I'm surprised I can't find this more easily. Of course, I can call tomorrow but I'm just anxious to find out ASAP! Thanks for any help - Laura
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  3. by   KnightRN
    Congrats on getting in!! I don't know the answer for you, but I have a question for you...

    I am applying for BCC Spring progam next year and was wondering about what your experience was when applying to BCC. Apply more than once? How many points did you have? Anything you care to share, I would love to hear!

    Thanks and congrats again!