anyone know of any ALFs/LTCs in Sarasota County?

  1. Hello,
    my husband will be an LPN soon-does anyone know of any ALFs that are 'decent' to work for in Sarasota County? Feel free to mention LTCs or other facilities that hire graduate LPNs. Good benefits are a plus, I know florida pay is lower but does any one know of a place that is "better paying" ? We are not from this state so any help would be great
    Looking to move there around summer time...
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  3. by   jansailsea
    Gosh, there are so many I'm unwilling to take the time to list them.
    Sarasota/Bradenton is the land of elder care!
    Heartland, HCManorCare, Westminster Homes, etc.
    Google search for facilities as many are part of a national or state chain which have decent pay & benefit packages compared to small privately owned companies.
    In fact, you might want to contact a few Travel or Staffing company which recruit LPNs, just so you can "try on" a job for a 13 week contract.
    Remember, many of these include: private accomodations, utilities, cable TV, with better salaries during the High Season of December through April.