Any Keiser Career College(JAX) LPN Students starting Jan...

  1. I am starting Keiser Career College in Jan wondering if there are any other people that are starting there as well??
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  3. by   leah10
    I will be there! congrats on getting in..I am super nervous! what about you?
  4. by   TanishaW
    Congrats to you as well...yeah I am nervous but super excited can't wait
  5. by   leah10
    do you know anyone that has completed this program? I kind of wish I did so I could know the ins and outs on alot..Ive been on this website for a yet to have found anyone in the past that has attened kcc in jax.
  6. by   TanishaW
    No I don't know of anyone... It would be great to know what it's many do you think will be in the class?
  7. by   leah10
    i am thinking 24..and thats a full class. My admissions person told me there were onnly 3 seats left when i was doing all my stuff with her. I also asked if it was all women.. I think there is only one man in the class with us. Are you buying all your books there?
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  8. by   TanishaW
    Not sure yet....would it be cheaper?
  9. by   leah10
    If you get them used..yes they do cost less than what the school has them for new..and so far the ones I have got used look brand new. I think it would be alittle late to try now to see if it could save you..because I dnt think you would have them in time for school starting.
  10. by   leah10
    And I am thinking all books are going to be givin tomorrow at orientation..along with the uniforms..
  11. by   acidskye
    Tanisha how did you like Keiser? I know its called southeastern now but did you enjoy it?? how many people are left in the program??
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  12. by   JustBeachyNurse
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